Croatia: Protesting Europe’s capital of trash from lockdown - #covidsolidarity

29 May 2010

Stories of solidarity under coronavirus

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I'm with Croatia

For more than 20 years, the people of Zagreb have endured a mayor whose harmful policies have seen green spaces shrink and the city dubbed the “European Capital of Trash”.

As if this wasn’t enough, many residents have been frustrated by the mayor’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and an earthquake that shook the city on 22 March.

But the people have not suffered in silence.

Zelena Akcija / Friends of the Earth Croatia organised one of the biggest protests in Zagreb in many years before the pandemic. And, despite the lockdown restrictions, they ran three protests where people across the city banged pots and pans from their windows and balconies to express their disgust.

Maruska, Friends of the Earth Croatia:

“We decided to continue protesting from home and organised three protests from our windows and balconies, where many citizens from all over Zagreb took part. As the lockdown measures eased, we also organised our first action and press conference, symbolically on 8 May, to mark the 75th anniversary of Zagreb Liberation Day.”

So, let’s make some noise of our own to support the people of Zagreb.